Alif Laam Meem

Are you excited about learning Arabic alphabets and developing your Islamic knowledge? Download the Alif Laam Meem app to get started in your journey!

The Alif Laam Meem app is designed in a fun and interactive way for beginners to learn the Arabic alphabets. Starting from the basic 28 alphabets, you progress through the app learning the different strokes, positional shapes and long vowels. The audio and Romanised letters accompanying each Arabic letter help you to quickly grasp the letter’s sound.

Games at the end of each lesson and chapter will test what you’ve learnt. By playing the games and completing the chapters, you earn stars, medals, trophies and badges.

Build your Islamic knowledge through the range of interesting topics, which include:

Challenge yourself by attempting the Islamic quizzes. Topics include the Prophets of Islam and the 5 Pillars of Islam.

We hope you find this app useful, Insha Allah. Wishing you all the best in your journey!. Available at Apple app store 'Alif Laam Meem'